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We Design the Experience that Makes all the Difference

Ycom's focus is to create digital solutions that are sustainable, promoting identity and facilitating efficiency. To facilitate such a strategic approach we have developed the following work process. 

Work Methodology

Insight and data

Sustainable digital solutions are based on insights from actual user patterns.


Ycom engages in dialogue with consumers and uses the outcome of that dialogue as direct input to development. Ycom also conducts Key Informant Interviews with relevant stakeholders and decision makers to better understand context, attitudes, and opinions that may have some influence on consumer preference.

Digital strategy

Based on the above we work with the client to develop a strategy that helps position the company's digital presence in the company's value chain.

Customer Centric Solutions

We focus on all touch-points that constitute the customer journey.


The development of a hypothesis is key to avoiding dysfunctional solutions, we test the hypothesis on a strategic level against key performance indicators and core values.