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Timing and content

Through the web you can now potentially reach millions of consumers, most everyone nowadays can be found online! The growth of smartphone ownership has exploded worldwide. Through their phones, consumers are now online 24/7, and research shows that the use of smartphones is still at an early stage of development.

The number of businesses competing for attention online has also exploded.  To cut through all the noise your business needs to develop and communicate the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Text, photo, and video have become important elements in the process of making good online communication.

Know your Market

Take steps to understand your target market, engage with them and you may learn how to make them engage with you. Creating the right type of content is essential to attract the right kind of customers. Are they looking for quality information about your products, or are they simply looking for references that are best communicated visually?

How much value does a high quality video add? And how much of his attention is the consumer willing to trade? You don't want to invest in a 30-minute production if the average attention span in your target segment is 10 seconds. This normally means that you have 10 seconds to sell your idea or to plant the 'urge' for more information.