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UX & Architecture
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Drupal, Drupal Commerce, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, ReactJS, REST.

A perfectly functioning online store and course portal for a giant.

Roche is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies founded in 1896. Roche has a long history of helping millions of patients globally, and since they are the world's largest biotechnology company, they are at the forefront of both cancer research and treatment.

Website that is both innovative and modern

Website that is both innovative and modern

We contributed to the design of an online store tailored to the Norwegian market for diabetes-related products. In close cooperation with Roche, we managed to create a website that is both innovative and modern.

The content was organized in a way that provided instant access to information needed to make the buying experience simple. Our developers did a fantastic job of implementing a good and precise design just as it was intended for the customer.

Roche's online store was designed to be fully accessible on all digital devices so shopping on the move becomes a simple matter. Being well-informed is very important to Ycom and we invite you to learn more about diabetes and the products Roche offers.


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